New Facility Alert: Our New Baseball Pitch is Just Finished

baseball pitchThe long-awaited baseball pitch in our facility is now ready for use. For those who have never been to a baseball game, probably you don’t know the pleasure of watching 18 guys battle over a tiny ball. Tickets are your pass to this recreation, and already you can book yours in advance to avoid the last minute hassle. Probably this is the first time you want to visit East Gate Motor Inn for a baseball game, odds are you don’t know what to expect. It’s just a game, but more interesting than any other pastime event you have ever watched.

I would advise you to buy a ticket to a section where you are more likely to catch a baseball whenever it finds you. Unlike the basketball and football matches, when a ball strays to the fans’ areas, whoever catches it owns it! However, every attendee is a fan including that 10 years old kid next to you. You better give the kid that ball!

Alright, have you ever played baseball? The actual fans have been playing it throughout. Whether you have been a player or you want to try it out, here are the tips on baseball bats and equipment to include in your backpack.

Baseball bats

baseball playerA baseball bat is a must requirement because you can’t play without it. The game is all about hitting, and that’s where a bat comes in. Types of baseball bats are many in the market, and you can choose either for adults or young men. Adult bats have larger barrels and heavier compared to their youth counterparts. A bigger barrel facilitates easier ball hitting, and therefore recommended as long as you can hold it and swing comfortably. Read more on

Baseball gloves

A baseball glove is a basic requirement, but they come in different materials, designs, sizes, and colors. If you are a catcher, you will need a mitt because it’s relatively larger and stronger than a typical glove for catching fastballs fired by pitchers. There are baseball gloves for adult and young men. Gloves for adults are expensive, high-quality, and larger. However, quality may vary depending on the material, and those high-end leather gloves are usually expensive. When buying your baseball gloves, try several so that you choose what fits and feels good.

Batting helmet

A helmet is quite needed if you are going to play or try a bit of pitching. Quality helmets are made of a sturdy plastic material with interior padding for comfort and safety. You will find many different options to choose from, but each model comes with its own price. For those that need specific colors of helmets, there are many colors to choose. In short, you can find a helmet that suits your personal and playing needs.


baseball equipmentBaseballs are the core things. If you are shopping for baseballs, choose according to your playing needs. If you want to play during a wet weather, baseballs covered with the plastic material are perfect, though baseballs with a rubberized center are the most popular. These are wrapped with a dense yarn and then covered with a leather material. Once you buy your baseball, you will realize they are hard, and weigh about 5.3 ounces. Baseballs are generally designed for throwing. Believe it or not, you just feel like throwing it whenever you hold it!

Gear for catchers

Last but not least, a few pieces of catching gear should be considered by those that want to be catchers. You need a helmet, chest pad, and leg guards. These items come in different sizes for different players. There are many models from various companies, and their prices are also different. However, those expensive pieces of gear are the finest if you want the best comfort and protection while playing.

In conclusion, if you are a catcher never attempt playing without the essential pieces of gear. A catcher is always hit by balls throughout the game, and they can hurt if you don’t have proper catchers gear. Sometimes, a hitter may throw a foul ball and it bounces to the catcher. You can imagine being hit by that blazing ball on the head without a helmet. Don’t even try to play a baseball game without a batting helmet, whether you are a field player or a catcher!

Best Lakes for Fishing in New Hampshire

fishinggThe strong tourism history of New Hampshire makes it a perfect place for various outdoor activities such as fishing. There are several lakes where many anglers spend their fishing time, with the southern region of the state being the leader of fishing activities. The ease of access to the fishing hotspots is an added advantage to every fishing enthusiast. Let us see some of the best lakes to shift for your next fishing activity.

  1. Contoocook Lake

This lake is located in Jaffrey. It is a great source of fishing especially for those that want to catch catfish and sunfish. In addition, bass fishing is in plenty and ideal for both experienced and new fishermen because the lake can be easily accessed. If looking for sunfish, catfish, or bass, Contoocook Lake should be your final destination.

  1. Lake Francis

Lake Francis, also known as Lake Francis State Park, is situated in Pittsburg. It is a great fishing ground in the northern forest. If you are an experienced angler, probably you enjoy catching those large chain pikes. Lake Francis is known as the host of these pickerel. For those that looking for salmon and trout, this lake has plenty of them.

  1. Squam Lake

Squam Lake is one of the largest lakes in New Hampshire, with diverse species of fish. The water surface is expansive, as well as the availability of both little Squam and big Squam close to each other. This provides fishermen with a variety of areas for fishing.

  1. Hermit Lake

Hermit Lake is found in Sanbornton. It is suitable for fishing the largemouth bass, though there are still other species to fish. This lake is ideal for those that do not want to fish in those bigger and busy lakes.

Using Fish Finders

Catching fish is fun especially if you have the right tools to do it. Of course, you need a boat and a line while in the waters. However, this is not enough without an aid to identifying the fish location. It can be a hectic task to make trial and error method of throwing your line into the water and nothing happens. Fish can see through the water, and can notice you while at several meters away. They tend to move away as you approach, and therefore you might spend hours before catching a single bass or catfish.

Fish finders are devices used to locate fish underwater. They send signals into the water, and then measure the speed and strength of the sonar echoes. The bouncing sound waves are displayed as readings on a screen. The echoes appearing the screen move from right to left, indicating that new readings are always on the device’s right side. As your boat moves, what appears on the screen is an object that you just passed on top of. However, the readings do not stop moving on the screen when you stop the boat. Now the same readings will appear repeatedly on the screen unless an object like a fish passes underneath your boat. If you already decided to buy one, here are the top fishfinders on the market.

Once you buy a fish finder, it is recommended to read the manual so that you can understand how to mount it on the boat. When you turn the device on, it is already using the pre-programmed settings. This automatic mode is useful for beginners before they get used to customized settings that depend on the nature of the fishing environment. First, take a 10-minute roll around the lake or river. Check the display persistently and try to understand what you see. However, don’t bother catching any fish or understanding the whole thing on the screen for now. That will come later with the experience.

The first settings to adjust is the sensitivity because you will be changing the power of the device. You should understand that the lower the sensitivity (power), the lower the display quality on the screen. The use of trial and error method here will work well in determining the optimal sensitivity settings for your fish finder. Other settings to learn as you continue using your device include the Fish ID setting, Auto Depth, and Suppressor setting.

Even though they have some learning curve before you get used, they boost your fishing experience incredibly. If you have been a full-time or seasonal fisherman, you may have heard about these devices. Most experienced anglers have used them over and over. Whether you are a beginner in the fishing world or you want to start using fish finders, you just need to understand how to read the device. Thereafter, you will be doing it even when half asleep!

Choose the Most Comfortable Outfit at East Gate

outfitKnowing different types of outfits available in the fashion stores can simplify your apparel shopping task. Everyone has his or her own choice of fashion style, which also depends on fabric and color matching. Your personality will determine the choice of outfit that can complement with the surrounding setting. If you want attires for evening or daytime outdoor activities, the selection should be done accordingly.

Above all, you need to put into consideration the comfort itself. Even though there are many fashion styles, the type of outfit you choose should offer as much comfort as possible. It is just like shopping for running shoes, whereby your type of feet remains a determining factor. Those with flat feet will definitely look for comfortable running shoes for flat feet to avoid toe ailments. Similarly, outfits must provide a comfortable feeling throughout the day.

When buying your outfit, probably you need to understand why you are purchasing that particular attire. If it is for an occasion, the right fashion style is very important to suit your needs. Here are a few of fashion styles that most women will never wish to miss.

Black slip style

Black slip dresses have been hitting the fashion trend in the recent past, and can be paired with any kind of attire depending on what you want. A relatively oversized sweater on top is commonly preferred to bring about some casual character, while a pair of black high heels complements the overall outfit. If you want a simple but sexy look, you can match the dress with a strappy pair of flip-flops.

Casual maxi style

Casual maxi dresses come in different colors, and suitable for almost all occasions. If you are looking for a casual dress to go for a party with friends or just a simple date, a black maxi dress will do the trick. It not only provides the elegant style you want, but also offers maximum comfort throughout the day. In case the weather is chilly, match with a jacket and pair of ankle boots. In summer times, you can just match with ‘chic’ sandals.

Black flared dress

This dress version has been on the market since the 1950s, and it remains part of fashion styles trending up to today. It makes a perfect match when going for a casual date or any other outdoor occasion, as it provides a comfortable feeling all through. Ballet flats can balance the outfit together with satin pumps with a jewel tone. It is a nice classic dress worthy to include in your wardrobe!

Classic style

Classic style is just a popular fashion and more suitable for those looking for simplicity and quality. Most women go for trendy styles because they tend to offer much comfort, as well as maintaining elegance. White buttoned blouse and a wide legged pair of trouser matched with ballet flats and leather boots will give a perfect classic style. The apparel is made of high-quality fabric and well tailored to suit the wanted balance and stability, making the outfit a ‘must’ wardrobe necessity for every woman out there.

Party dress style

Party dresses are tailored to suit any occasion, with the loose fabric allowing comfortable feel throughout. Black party dresses may include transparent panels that give you additional festive appearance. However, they require fewer accessories so that the dress can dominate the entire outfit as well as keeping a casual simplicity.

Thrilling style

If you want to accompany your outfit with some bit of polished drama, thrilling style is the way to go. It offers a bit of attraction with sexy style, while the bright apparel creates a flamboyant style that draws the attention of everyone. You do not need to go for very deep bright dresses, as they can overdo the style! This kind of outfit can be complemented by satin, diamonds, and silk.

Black sheath dress

During the formal days, a black sheath dress can provide maximum comfort throughout. It is suitable for both day and night, and the jewel-toned appearance gives it a distinctive character. For the official outfit, it can be matched with black pumps together with a blazer. If you want a more casual look, a pair of strappy sandals and a necklace can give a huge allure. Check out more shoes on

When shopping for a perfect outfit, it is advisable to think about comfort. This applies to even footwear such as running shoes because people have different types of feet. For instance, flat feet runners will need shoes that are comfortable. The right running shoes for flat feet should offer firmness and support, as well as movement control.