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archeryIf looking for a recoil-free, minimal noise, and user-friendly archery equipment, crossbows can be the best solution. It is easy and fast for beginners to learn how to shoot taut arrow groups with the help of cocking devices or a reliable instructor. Crossbow gives a newbie the maximum confidence, making the tool effective for hunting and sporting. Crossbows are ideal for women and physically challenged people, as well as those with sensitivities to noise or recoil that bar them from gun shooting. Aging individuals or those that lack adequate strength to use other hunting equipment can use crossbows to increase their hunting lifetime.

You will find different types of the best crossbows at East Gate Inn, whether you want the TenPoint Pro Elite HP or Excalibur Exomax. The most important aspect you need to understand when using a crossbow is the cocking technique. Most hunters or shooters prefer to use cocking devices because they offer convenience. The power of pulling a draw weight of about 150 pounds is not that easy even for the heaviest bowmen. However, this is not the most vital reason as to why you need a cocking device. The use of a cocking device maintains accuracy, bearing in mind that it is impossible to pull the bowstring in a similar manner severally. Every time more tension is exerted on one side than the other, the center of the string will also move to one of the sides. Therefore, cocking devices are perfect for ensuring that the string returns to the same position no matter the many cocking times you do.

How to Cock the Crossbow

The technology behind the usage of crossbows has improved greatly over the centuries. In the past, these hunting bows were cocked simply by pulling on the string by use of human hands. The draw weights of today’s crossbows exceed 150 lbs, making them difficult for hunters to pull on strings when cocking. Due to the high effort required, the new designs come with cocking devices such as cranks and levers that add mechanical aid to the shooters in pulling the string. The following are the 3 ways of drawing a contemporary crossbow.

Manual cocking

Manual cocking is effective when using a lighter crossbow. It is an easy way because you just need to put a foot in the stirrup and pull the string back. It may sound so easy, but it is not very friendly when it comes to those crossbows exceeding 150 lbs. If your hunting bow is almost 200 lbs, you must be a heavy weight lifter to use manual cocking method. It is the same as lifting a similar weight directly from the ground surface. Provided you have the strength to cock the bow manually, this method will be suitable for you. You will not require carrying any additional device while in the field. The drawback with this method is to keep the string centered within the trigger system. Note that if one side is pulled more than the other, the center of the string will be pulled on one side – either left or right. This means that accuracy is very little and your shots will probably miss the target. Some hunters or archery enthusiasts that use this method usually use a little white ink to mark the center of the string. Even though this may work well, you will be subjected to too much effort to ensure that accuracy is achieved very time you cock.

Rope cocking

Rope cocking utilizes a pulley system that gives up to 50% mechanical aid. This means that if your crossbow’s draw weight is 150 lbs, you will only pull 75 lbs of draw weight using the rope cocking device. This device has a rope that connects two handles and two string clips together. You need to get the rope cocker in position, and then pull the handles upwards in order to cock your bow. Remember you should put your foot in the stirrup before pulling the two handles, and that is why this method is a little bit strenuous. However, it is easier compared to manual technique because you only need half of the force to cock the bow. The accuracy is improved because the string can be centered even when it is at full draw. The method may be time-consuming because the user must put the rope cocker into position before cocking the bow. All in all, it is a nice cocking device suitable for most hunters that use crossbows.

Crank cocking

The crank cocking device is a small hand winch that is mounted on the crossbow. A hunter will cock the bow just by winding a crank handle. Even for those heavy crossbows, any user will use less than 10 lbs to cock a bow. It is a suitable device for youngsters, women, or archery and hunting enthusiasts with physical disabilities. This method has a high mechanical advantage compared to the other two methods because accuracy is easily maintained. However, cocking the bow using this method is quite slow. It can take several minutes before getting ready for the next shot.

Hunting has Never Been that Fun in the White Mountains!

red dotApart from challenges of acquiring a permit to hunt in the White Mountains, chasing animals in the forest is not an easy task. The woods are thick and the terrain is rugged in some areas, making it difficult to access game-rich places. First-time shooters may experience a hard time no matter the type of gun they have. Even the experienced hunters are often intimidated, despite the fact that AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is one of the most popular guns many folks put on the top list. However, this advanced firearm can be less approachable to beginners due to its tactical appearance and alleged power.

The introduction of red dot sights was seen as a way of eliminating these challenges, unfortunately, not every hunter is capable of utilizing the technology when it comes to taking a perfect shot. Most hunters are used to rifle scopes, but red dot sights are more precise because it doesn’t matter the position of your head as long as the dot is visible. You just put the dot on the target you need to hit and then shoot. Parallax error is more common on rifle scopes than red dot sights since you must position the head at the right place and put the crosshairs on the target you want to hit.

Usage of Red Dot Sights

If you have ever used red dot sights, probably you noticed an advantage when it comes to eye relief. The user can mount the red dot at any position on the rifle, unlike the rifle scopes that must be mounted about 3.5 to 4 inches away from the eye in order to have a full sight depiction. Red dot sights can be mounted either very near to your eye or very far from the eye, allowing the shooter to manipulate night vision past the optic. It also provides room for unique mounting on top of any gun such as the AR-15 rifle. Here are the top red dot sights for AR15s.

Hunting with red dot sights may be challenging, especially if they don’t have night vision settings. Others require a separate night vision tool so that the shooter can use the settings. Those that have the low power settings allow the hunter to mount the device behind the red dot. When you look through the combination, the dot will show up and can be used for night vision purpose. Remember, the low power settings cannot be detected by the human eye under ordinary light condition. High brightness setting is used during bright lighting, while low setting is used during low lighting to get the perfect sight picture. Red dot sights are suitable for aiming at close range.

The rifle scopes are hard to use when both eyes are open. However, use of red dot can enhance shooter’s peripheral vision due to the combination of non-magnification, no eye relief, and east-to-see clear reticle. Hunters need to protect themselves from dangerous animals. Therefore, red dot sights are quite useful because a hunter can see the surrounding even when aiming at that buck.

Use of AR-15 Gun

AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that can be used by both new and experienced hunters, as long as adequate training is achieved. Once you fire a shot, the cartridge ejects automatically while another cartridge slides from the magazine into the rifle’s chamber. It is great for all-day-long hunting due to its lightweight nature because it is made of synthetic material and aluminum alloys. However, your hunting experience might be hectic with this rifle if you do not have eye and ear protection. It is loud and can sound like a blow up happening just a few inches away from your ears. Hearing problem due to loud shots is one of the discouraging situations most hunters experience while in the fields.

Understanding how to fire an AR-15 will help you to get the most out of it and you will stay safe throughout. Both the prone position and standing position are the two common shooting stances every hunter should know. The prone position requires the hunter to lie on his or her stomach while standing position is where the shooter stands up on both feet. Another important thing is to know how to hold the AR-15. It should be gripped firmly between your thumb and the finger of the trigger hand. While the rifle is gripped high on the back strap, ensure that the handguards are firmly gripped by the support hand.

The beginners in the hunting world should train on how to shoot safely before they start hunting. It is recommended to work with a professional instructor in order to get the best experience.