Do You Really Need to Wear a Pair of Boots During Hunting?

huntingAny kind of field work requires particular footwear that can keep the feet feeling good, without toe ailments. Hunting is one of the activities that need a pair of boots, but there is more to understand when it comes to making a selection. Steel toes make the best hunting boots, as they are reinforced to prevent injuries as a result of falling objects. However, a hunter should be aware of his or her feet size and length when buying the boots. Of course, you won’t want uncomfortable shoes!

Selecting Hunting Boots


Your pair of boots is supposed to be insulated and ventilated properly, though this may be determined by the intended use. The fit is just as important as your health and wellness, and therefore the shoes must take care of that. Don’t forget that hunting boots are ideal for specific socks, especially liner or woolen socks. Even though boot’s insulation is so worthwhile, there are different levels of insulation to choose. Your preference should be based on your body form, as well as the intent of using the boots. For instance, a hunter sitting on a tree truck during chilly weather will need more insulated boots, as physical exercise is minimal. If you are up and down trailing elks or deer in every morning, the movement of the toes generates heat on the feet, and therefore you will need less insulated boots.

Water Resistance

Most hunters start their activities in the morning when the grass is heavily loaded with dew. It can be tricky to walk on the wet grass when your shoes can soak moisture quickly, and thus protected fabric is needed. Even though leather boots are best durable and suitable for hunting, they should have a water resistant protective layer. Otherwise, you will quit hunting even before downing a single animal.  The ideal waterproof layer should be between the foot and the outer cover, but still ensuring that the material is breathable. Many experienced hunters understand the types of steel toe boots and those that offer maximum comfort depending on the physical nature of the hunting environment. In case you are a beginner, take your time to make the best selection before purchasing hunting boots.

Hunting Boots Categories

There are three categories of hunting boots, but they come in diverse styles. First, you should identify the use, the features you want, and then choose accordingly. Here are the three categories;

  1. Upland boots

Upland boots are designed for bird hunters since they are suitable for long distance walking. They are light weight and can get rid of mud from the sole, making them the best pick especially when hunting in muddy areas. However, upland hunting is usually done on fair terrains and that is why these boots are specifically made for that. Kangaroo upland boots and Upland premier are common types, which are made of leather material. Kangaroo leather is sturdy and light, while upland premier is made of pliable Pittards leather.  If you are a bird hunter looking for boots, these can be ideal for you.

  1. Multipurpose boots

Experienced hunters have many activities to do in the fields including walking around trailing animals. If you are a hunting enthusiast, probably you will need multipurpose boots to cater for all your diverse activities. They come with a variety of options to choose from, depending on what you want. Whether you want boots for upland or big game hunting, multipurpose steel toes can do the trick. They are long lasting, durable, and excellent when it comes to perfect traction on different terrains. Therefore, you can match several features in order to get the ideal combination for your hunting needs. These boots are more complex compared to upland models, as you can obtain tougher soles to withstand long distance walking even on muddy places.

  1. High country boots

Some hunters opt to carry an extra pair of boots to use whenever they come across rough and steep terrains. However, this cannot be a better alternative because you may spend hours trying to climb, and thus return home without downing that deer or elk. The big game requires additional footwear support since elks, bulls, rams, or deer live in rugged terrain. Lack of appropriate boots may lead to feet injuries, hence terminating the activity prematurely. High country boots can solve this problem, because they are designed for less accessible, raised, or elevated areas. They are highly durable, with a capacity to prevent ankle twisting and other feet-related injuries.

Lastly, you should remember to select boots that fit properly. Before choosing any given design of boots, check if they fit your feet well. This will provide comfort, as well as prevent feet ailments while in the fields. Some hunters recommend Cabela’s options, though there are many other good quality hunting boots in the market.

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