What Kind of Tactical Gear Do You Need in White Mountains of New Hampshire?

equipmentAre you an outdoor fanatic? If yes, the White Mountains of New Hampshire can be your ultimate destination where there are much things-to-do including hunting. Given the steep and rugged slopes, a hunter must be equipped with the appropriate gear before engaging to game chasing. In addition to proper clothing and the right gun to down that deer or elk, you need a few tactical gears to enhance your hunting experience. If you are a hunting enthusiast and you want to try out at the White Mountains, the following are the things to include in your list of necessities.

  1. Tactical vest

A regular hunter should have a tactical vest. Tactical vests have side pockets to store immediate tools such as knife and magazines. They are easy to wear simply by putting it over the shoulders and then zip it up. You can as well loosen or tighten it on the sides, making them comfortable hunting attires. Most tactical vests are designed with slots on the sides, back, and front for attaching all small tools. This makes them more versatile and effortless to use by any hunter out there.

Your sidearm can feel awkward when put hanging on a belt because it will obstruct your movement through the thick woods. A tactical vest ensures that the firearm is secured on the chest. It will be easy to access a spare magazine whenever needed, plus the vest has extra storage space to accommodate more than five spare magazines.

  1. Tactical flashlight

A tactical flashlight is quite useful for night hunting. However, this does not mean that daytime hunters should not carry them. You never know the time you will get out of the forest. A flashlight can help you with lighting in case night falls while in the woods. In most cases, tactical flashlights are used for security measures especially when hunting in an area with wild animals. The bright flash is used to scare away dangerous animals such as bears, or when a predator attempts to attack your already downed buck.

Another huge plus benefit of a flashlight is when finding a lost item. It can be a hectic task to find your knife in a thick forest at night. Those hunters that use earplugs need tactical flashlights more than anyone else. Remember earplugs can fall out anytime, and probably you will lose them if it is at night. However, it will be easier to find them if you have a flashlight.

If you are lucky enough to have downed a buck, taking it outside the woods at night might be a nightmare without a flashlight. You need some source of light to maneuver through the bush, and that is why tactical flashlight becomes very important for a hunter at night. www.tacticals.org is a very cool website if you want to see more tactical gears.

  1. Earmuffs

These are essential hunting items many forget to carry. Some hunters don’t even have them. If you use a rifle to down bucks, earmuffs should be a priority in your hunting kit. Many hunters overlook hearing protection. Despite the fact that you have no yet experienced any hearing problem, a single gunfire can cause a severe damage to your ears. It happens gradually and you may not realize until serious hearing loss happens.

According to shooting range experts, gunfire produces a loud sound exceeding 100 decibels. This noise level is enough to damage your hearing ability. Therefore, earmuffs help in minimizing the impact on your ears. Unlike earplugs, earmuffs are easy to wear and offer more improved hearing protection. In addition to enhanced hearing protection, they don’t fall out easily and thus very reliable for hunting even during the night.

  1. Tactical Pants

Apart from using the tactical vests to carry your small tools such as flashlights and magazines, tactical pants can also do the work. They are made up of high-quality material to withstand extreme pressure and wear. These gears are designed for military activities, and this is no difference from hunting because you encounter different kinds of terrains. When you crouch in order to trail a buck and you care about the clothes, you are likely to lose that deer. The tactical pants are stain resistant, and therefore you have nothing to worry. In case it starts raining, already you are safe because they are water resistant too.

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