Take Your Caravan To A Motor Inn

If you are one of the millions of UK caravan owners, you know just how appealing it can be to get home from work on Friday afternoon, hitch up the caravan and take off for the weekend somewhere. Whether it's for a couple of days or a fortnight, around 60 million nights are spent in a caravan each year, making them more popular than hotels or bed and breakfasts.

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The Importance of Maintenance

Just like your car, your caravan needs regular maintenance, especially if taking it on a long trip. And if you are taking it to the continent, it's especially important to make sure it's roadworthy, and that you have the basic spare parts with you. As a general rule, you should check the tyres, wheel nuts, brakes and battery regularly, as well as making sure the coupling head is lubricated. Checking your caravan window stays for any openings or leaks is also a good idea. Don't overlook the interior of your caravan, and some of the most important areas to check before that long trip include the fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, water system, toilet and the gas appliance. Finally, you may want to check your caravan carefully for leaks, cracks or dents, especially if it's been left outside during the winter.

A Night In a Motor Inn or Hotel

But however much you love your caravan, there may be times when you need to splurge on a hotel or motel room. The beds in your caravan may not be the most comfortable, and many are narrow or not quite long enough. And if there are several of you staying in a caravan, it can seem quite overcrowded and cramped in there sometimes. Your caravan may not have air conditioning or heating in it, and if you have a shower, it isn't the easiest thing to use it. You may not have access to the Internet in your caravan; staying in a hotel or motor inn for a night or two allows you to catch up with work or keeping in touch. And if you have been on the road for a few weeks, staying somewhere with a large TV, room service, free breakfast and perhaps a fitness centre is really appreciated. A night or two relaxing in a hotel or motor inn can help to recharge the batteries, and on a long trip, it really makes a big difference.